We are an expanding Family Business, that started in 2008, as four acres of land in Welling, where we grew our plants. Our Nursery had a wide range of plants, shrubs and trees, as well as Organic Vegetables, Herbs and Seeds. As we have always been a huge fan of tomatoes, we created our Tomato World.


Every year we have organised two Tomato festivals, one for planting and one for harvesting. The festival became more and more popular every year.

Present time

Mihaly is now making ceramics, which you can buy in the restaurant. We sell handmade plant pots, mugs and bowls. Excellent present for your loved ones, or for yourself. Come and visit us Tuesday to Sunday,  have a look at our aquaponic system, admire our plants and ceramics, and try our delicious home-made Hungarian food. Mihaly is always happy to welcome you with a smile, and answer any of your questions, whether it be food or plant related. Please find more info about the restaurant under the following link: http://www.therosemary.london

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